The $30 holster...

The $30 holster...

This is a discussion on The $30 holster... within the Gear Talk forums, part of the The Armory category; Okay, some of you have probably seen this on eBay. It's from Lenny Magill's Glock Store (an eBay store, I was familiar with Lenny from ...

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    The $30 holster...

    Okay, some of you have probably seen this on eBay. It's from Lenny Magill's Glock Store (an eBay store, I was familiar with Lenny from some AR 15 video's he's done for Brownell's, I don't know if he is/was a regular employee at Brownell's).

    So I run across this holster he advertises as "The Thirty Dollar Holster", and figure, why not give it a try? It's cheap. It's ready made. It's got who I presume to be a reputable guy behind it.

    Ordered, the holster showed up a day before I expected (coming from the People's Republic of Kalifornia, I thought it would take a day or two longer). So top marks for sending quickly (and I'm a left hander, used to having to wait for holsters).

    On to the holster itself. I've been wearing this simple little IWB Kydex rig for the last 3-4 days with a Gen 4 G 19 to give it a test drive. It is very light, compact and sturdy. It conceals very well on me, and both retention and the draw stroke are quite good.

    I've gone to venues the past 3 nights that prohibited carry, so had a chance to grade it on the "easy on/easy off" feature as advertised in Lenny's video (Link removed for safety, search You Tube or eBay ad to see it). Now body types are what they are, and some things will be universal while others will be specific to body types. Lenny demonstrates the rig Appendix and strong side @ 4:00. He's a slender athletic type. Me, not so much. I'm what you might call "husky" (polite for FAT). For me, appendix just ain't happenin' (unless I drop 60 lbs or so). So strongside IWB it is.

    The holster draws well (as stated), which is to me one of the most important things (we wear these for the pistol to be available if/when needed). No issues here at all (full firing grip is something I require, and why many hybrids won't work for me). Re-holstering can go smoothly, or not. And here is where I have some issues. For me, it is more often not. Here's why. The J Hook wraps over the waistband of the jeans. Check. Goes behind the gun belt. Check. Hooks under the belt to prevent the holster withdrawing with the weapon. Check. Problem is, even with a rigid gun belt (worn mostly with a Wilderness 5 stitch Instructor Belt, though today I switched to a Beltman leather gun belt to see if it made a difference), the jeans tend to bunch at the waistband under the clip and the whole thing drops down. The J is at this point below the belt (not the entire clip, just the bottom). It still does not permit the holster to come out with the weapon on drawing (a good thing). And it is plenty easy enough to remove the holster even while seated in a vehicle if desired (disarming to enter the aforementioned venues). But to re-holster with the rig in this position can be tenuous at best, and perhaps even dangerous (if something were to get hold of the Glock's trigger, bad things could happen while trying to fish the muzzle down into the rig).

    I've found that it is no big deal to either adjust placement of the rig before re-holstering, and it then goes. But I'm used to high dollar high quality leather rigs that stay in place, and re-holster as easily as they draw. Several things might fix this with the $30 holster. If I lost weight, would it help? Maybe. Maybe not. Tighter jeans? Please no, not at my age! A "U" hook? Saw those on the PJ Holster site and originally ordered an incoming PJ Kydex rig that way, but it was suggested by the owner that I change the order to a full clip. In theory, the "U" Hook works like a J Hook, with an additional fold in the clip that rests over the top of the belt to prevent it from sagging down below the belt. PJ's owner says they tend not to work so well with a full weight gun such as the G 19. So I went with the full clip on that one. Should be secure, but much more difficult to remove. Thought of adjusting the $30 Holster clip with a heat gun, so that it went over the belt and then hooked behind the bottom. This would make it much more like the PJ I have ordered. I still may do this, but like being able to easily remove and stow the holster on nights out.

    So in the end, we have yet another holster option. Not perfect, but actually not so bad. Comfortable. Economical. A good draw stroke. Available without a long (or nearly any) wait (eg: The PJ rig I ordered should be here in about 8 weeks, I ordered it 2 weeks ago). This one got here in 3 days from 2000 miles away (ordered 6/2, delivered 6/5).

    It's worthy of consideration for your box/drawer/cabinet or closet of holsters. It has a lot going for it, and it's detractors are minimal (the safety issue is easily handled by adjusting/being absolutely certain of the holsters position when re-holstering, or better yet, removing the holster, inserting the weapon and putting the whole thing back in it's place, much like you would normally do with a pocket holster).

    It's not without competition in it's price range. Remora Holsters though quite different have similar benefits (comfort, ease of removal, availability and cost). And Alien Gear makes an interesting hybrid in the same range (though I'd probably add the optional leather loops). I have the Remora on order and will review here soon. Probably will also get an Alien coming (not sure if they have a wait time, saw nothing mentioned on their site- and it looks like they "get it" WRT the Combat Cut, I see no mention and from what I can see it looks like a full grip obtainable may come standard). But I do think this one is worth consideration.

    I'm used to the higher dollar custom leather stuff, as well as some off the shelf (Galco etc.). Even when I've carried the Glocks. But in recent years, I'll admit I've been mostly carrying either my 1911s or a pocket gun of some sort (to include the Bulldog .44 Spl.). It's time I got more options for the Glocks (already have Fobus, Glock, Galco Miami Classic double rig, Galco SOB, Milt Sparks VM II, Milt Sparks 55 BN and have a Milt Sparks Nexus in the 4 month wait to come, along with the JP Holsters Kydex). Yep, I'm a holster addict. But I love options. And my rigs take up several drawers.

    G 19 in Glock Store's $30 Holster (shipping was fast, and cost me $6.96). Mag holder is a PCH-M (right front pocket) $63.50 from Milt Sparks Holsters.

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    That looks like a great minimal holster. Though my only beef with this style is the J-hook. It really doesn't work for me because it pushes my pants down as the weight of the pistol is on the pants not the belt. If he made it with an over the belt clip on, then I would bite.

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    You just got my attention Tbone!

    I Pocket carry my 30s and love doin so. 90% of the time I'm in shorts, and you would Never know I'm carryin.

    BUT. I want a holster, just to have. You just reminded me, my Local Gun Guy, where I do all my business..
    Makes custom holsters like that!! I'm gonna go down and see him tomorrow.

    I personally like the option of a cross draw, or a right side draw. If I holster carry....It's Cross draw.

    Thanks man....I been wantin to go see I got a reason. He hand makes every holster to your gun...for about $45. AND...he's right down the street!!

    Man, I'm gonna hear it!!
    "AND...Where the Fuck Have YOU Been?"

    Thanks Tbone! Really!
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    Thanks for your thorough review.
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    Quote Originally Posted by owlsarepretty104 View Post
    Cool video! Thank you for sharing!
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