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The first 50 rounds through my new G19 Gen4

This is a discussion on The first 50 rounds through my new G19 Gen4 within the Glock Range Reports forums, part of the Glock Information category; Originally Posted by rhouser My practical shooting ranges are influenced by my reality. The largest room in my house is less than 21 feet from ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by rhouser View Post
    My practical shooting ranges are influenced by my reality. The largest room in my house is less than 21 feet from end to end. From the middle of the living room to the front door is 15 feet. From the same spot to the back deck sliding door is 8 feet. From the top of the stairs to the furthest point I can see on the first floor is 12 feet (linier distance). Bedrooms wall to wall, Bedrooms to end of hall, all are less than 15 feet.

    My goal for my wife (which she can meet). Is to put all 15 rounds from a glock 17 into a 9 in paper plate while it is moving from 7 yards to point blank range. The rail moves the target this distance over about 15 - 20 seconds. I take my wife to the range for this drill twice a week. For distances greater than this, the targets are not inside my house.

    Just my 2 cents.

    Self defense is not limited to "in the home". Self-defense scenario could happen anywhere.

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    t4terrific, I agree. I tried to edit my post to say I drill with my wife twice a year not twice a week. If she needs to engage outside of the house, she will have to use her car because she does not have a carry permit.

    My wife can shoot pretty well. With her deer rifle and scope, she has taken deer at 100+ yards and with her rimfire rifle and iron sights off a log, she can kill squirrels at 50 yards. For home defense with a Glock 17, I just want her to be confident that she can use the glock to hit center of mass within the distances she will most likely engage at.

    I hope I did not offend anybody with this philosophy. thanks rch
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    Quote Originally Posted by GlockGuide View Post
    Bring it in closer to you to have a better idea of what you need to work on. 15 yards takes concetrating on multiple factors, 5-7 yds greatly simplifies things. It'll help give you patterns you can interpret.

    Congrats on a great pistol

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    I agree with your misses to the left,but that target is still
    Semper Fi.

    I'm a Democrat and love my guns,that's a fact!
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    Slow is smooth, smooth is fast. My advice, I'd rather take .5 extra seconds to get a well placed round on target, then shoot fast and just spray lead everywhere. Just breathe take your time, worry about your fundamentals. Get the rounds where you want them first, then we can practice getting faster. But that's just my opinion. Gongrats, the Glock 19gen4 is on my list of top five favorite 9mm's. Remember regardless of caliber selection, if you practice, get that first round dead center mass, then all the others won't matter as much. I always try to teach people to aim center mass. If you try to be a tactical ninja, and go for 100% head shots all the time, you might miss. I carry .45 because I dig .45. But a well placed 9mm to the dead center mass, should stop any threat. Re access, follow up shot if needed, threat neutralized, re-holster.

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    Glock 19 is a great handgun.

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    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	IMG_0070.JPG 
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ID:	18615 Well this was my first time shooting the 43x @ 12 yds. Not a masterpiece to be proud of by any means, but the trigger on the 43x is nothing Glock should be proud of either. Like any firearm...shooting and a little usage wear will go a long way to improve the results......I sure hope so!

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    I just got a G19 gen 4 yesterday. Haven’t had a chance to shoot it yet. Ready to give it a try.

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