Range reports on Glock 44

Range reports on Glock 44

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    Range reports on Glock 44

    Accuracy and reliability?

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    I bought a Glock 44 because I have a lot more .22 lr ammo than I have 9mm ammo.

    Have put well over 2000 rounds through it with lots of brands of ammo, but I have purposely excluded CCI Mini Mag although I have some of that. I knew it would shoot those so I am shooting Federal, Aguilla, Winchester Wildcat, Blazer, Remington Golden Rounds and probably a few miscellaneous I can't think of now. I have had zero feed problems and have intentionally been sloppy loading mags to make sure I did not try to set the top round in any particular position. I have had zero fail to extract or eject issues and only a few failed to fire issues, but in every case I was able to reload that round and get it to fire so I think it was ammo and not the gun.

    So in all, I have had nothing but great reliability from it.

    I did have to do some sight adjustment to get it to shoot at what I was aiming at. Had to adjust windage to the right some and lower the rear sight one click.

    Still did not like the Glock sights with the "ball in the basket" routine, and did not want to spend a lot of money for new sights. And I don't think there are any specifically made for this gun but I think you can use Glock 19 sights.

    So, I painted a stripe across the top of the front sight and across the top of the rear sight and it really makes a better sight picture for me. If I can figure out how, I will attach a picture.

    But all in all, I'm extremely happy with my Glock 44. I like that it is the same size as my Glock 19 which is my primary carry gun, but it is so much lighter that it surprised me. Trigger pull is definitely heavier than my Glock 19 which kind of surprised me too. Now my Glock 19 seems to have a hair trigger compared to my Glock 44.
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