Don't mess with Texas

Don't mess with Texas

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Thread: Don't mess with Texas

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    Don't mess with Texas

    Makes me proud to be a Texan:

    "The piling on by the political left, and their cohorts in the media, to use the massacre of little children to advance a pre-existing political agenda that would not have saved those children, disgusts me, personally," Texas Governor Perry said in a statement. "The Second Amendment to the Constitution is a basic right of free people and cannot be nor will it be abridged by the executive power of this or any other president."

    "Guns require a finger to pull the trigger," he said. "The sad young man who did that in Newtown was clearly haunted by demons and no gun law could have saved the children in Sandy Hook Elementary from his terror."

    Perry also said prayer can be stronger than laws, imploring: "Above all, let us pray for our children."
    "There is evil prowling in the world — it shows up in our movies, video games and online fascinations, and finds its way into vulnerable hearts and minds," he said. "As a free people, let us choose what kind of people we will be. Laws, the only redoubt of secularism, will not suffice. Let us all return to our places of worship and pray for help."

    Perry's comments came after first-term Rep. Steve Toth introduced a bill in the Texas House seeking to ban in the state any federal ban on assault weapons and high-capacity magazines.

    The bill by the Republican from The Woodlands would allow police officers across the state to arrest federal law enforcement officers who attempt to enforce any such ban in Texas. Toth has since appeared on television stations throughout the state and the country, promoting his legislation.

    Read more: Perry: 2nd Amendment trumps Obama, any president - San Antonio Express-News
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    I am proud to be a Texan! Not by birth, but by choice. I got here as quick as I could !

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    way to go texans

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    Go get em boys!
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    The spirit of the Alamo lives on

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    Yes!! I to have family in Texas,but here in Florida it will be hard to pull "a new york minute"!!
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    I hope Oklahoma will follow in Texas footsteps and put this into motion as well. Good job Texas!
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    Well what he says is the truth. And I am glad to clame Texas as my home now. Moved from Alaska to Texas and have not been disapointed.

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    somewhere under the texas sky
    Texas had a good turnout at the rally in austin 1-19-2013 some say as much as 1500
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    My wife, daughters and dog were all born in Texas. Something to be said for that Texas spirit.

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