Favorite carry for G23

Favorite carry for G23

This is a discussion on Favorite carry for G23 within the Glock Talk and Discussion forums, part of the Glock General Discussion category; What is your favorite carry method or holster for a Glock23? Any personal experience or guidance would be appreciated. With what's going on in America ...

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    Favorite carry for G23

    What is your favorite carry method or holster for a Glock23? Any personal experience or guidance would be appreciated.

    With what's going on in America at the moment, it's not like I can walk into a shop and try out different options. Every store shelf for guns, ammo, and accessories (especially ammo) look like a grocery store before a hurricane... barren shelves picked so clean you could eat off of them...


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    I have G23 and for OWB Concealed Carry, I prefer the Blackhawk pancake holster. It hugs the body very tightly and has very low print-through. The only downside is - like all holsters with a thumb snap retention strap across the back of the weapon - the strap can get in the way when you present the gun. I've learned to work around the problem but it is something that a lot of people don't like about many holsters with retention schemes. There are many other CC OWB holsters and there are folks here who can tell you about them.

    Also, there are many forum members who carry IWB and I'm sure they will chime in shortly on those holsters. For deep concealment you can't beat IWB but for me they are a bit uncomfortable.

    Hope this helps but remember - there are as many opinions as there are holster brands and types.
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    I have a G23 Gen4 and i use a IWB comp tac minotaur holster. Good luck alot of holsters out their!
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    For OWB, Fobus paddle. Inexpensive, light weight, fits close to the body, easy on and off, no extra retention device. The Glock holster works well for OWB.

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    I have a desantis soft tuck iwb for my g 19 same size as the g 23 I also use a universal ace case holster for iwb (10.00) and it fits both of my glocks very well
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    A Galco Jax slide works great for my G32 which is the same size as your G23.

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    I use a fobus for my G23 and my. 380 for C)
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    Quote Originally Posted by glock23 View Post
    I have a G23 Gen4 and i use a IWB comp tac minotaur holster. Good luck alot of holsters out their!
    I use this exact same setup. I am big fan of the Minotaur holster; however, every couple months I have to tighten the screws a little bit. I have lost a screw before while wearing the holster. The firearm still held in the holster though.

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    Carry my G23 OWB in Raven Concealment with pancake wings; IWB in Brommeland Max Con V. Not the cheapest holsters, but both are great quality.

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    I love my Tagua paddle -- wear it everyday on my dog walks in the woods, but for concealability you gotta go IWB. The one piece of advice I'd offer in shopping for an IWB is to avoid leather in the part that fits around the gun (fine on the backing though) because it doesn't hold its shape well and when it's inside your pants they put pressure on it causing it to collapse and making it difficult to re-holster, especially at 4:00 where most of us carry. Better is one where the molded part is Kydex or other plastic that holds its shape when tucked. The backing can be leather or Kydex. I like the ones that have a Kydex body molded to the gun screwed into a leather backing plate for comfort. e.g. King Tuk by Galco.

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