Howdy, folks. I'm a new kid in town: old guy on the face of the Earth. I've been a Sig guy since that late '80s (carrying on an affair with a Beretta PX4 Storm now, tho) but I have to say that after shooting my son-in-law's Gen 5 (don't know the mod #; it's full-size, tho) I'm thinking about buying one.

Now to the point. Years ago I bought a Mod 23 for my wife. She has a revolver she prefers, tho, so the 23 gathers cobwebs in the barrel. Today, for the first time in literally years, I cleaned 'em out. When I was reassembling it I gave the slide and barrel a push down the rails and the back and of the slide jumped up and off the rails. I mean, the slide went back to full retraction but the end of it was on top of the rails. I couldn't have been more surprised if a bunny had jumped out of the ejection port.

Now, I can move the slide back and forth from the retracted position to about 1/2way forward, but no farther. And I cannot use the slide release buttons; they have no effect. I can move the trigger to the FIRE position by slipping an aluminum ruler through the gap between between the slide and frame and pushing some lever forward (pardon the lack of nomenclature.) From there, I can pull the trigger and get a soft click, but nothing that takes me toward getting the slide off. It is just plain stuck.

Any suggestions?