Glad to find a forum I can actually post on! Signed up for Glock Talk earlier in the week and still can't even post an introduction.

Little about me - I'm a 50ish woman, who has never owned, nor shot a gun in my life - my family never owned guns. My long time boyfriend (26 years now - it just works for us), grew up in a military family and has been the handgun owner.

Because I have never really been around guns, I've had a VERY healthy respect for them.

With the current political climate (and no, not wanting to make this political), I decided that it was time to get over my fears/concerns and asked my boyfriend to help me choose my first gun. I went with a Glock 48 last Saturday. I'm about to have surgery on my....get this....trigger thumb - actual diagnosis, on my dominant hand, so I haven't even loaded the gun yet, but have been getting myself familiar with it, the slide, the different buttons, and gun safety and handling.

I'd been lurking (since I couldn't post) on Glock Talk until I found this forum!

Once I'm healed from the surgery (a small cut at the base of my thumb), I will be signing up for my first gun safety and shooting class, and plan to spend lots of time at the local range.

So, I'm a really, really newbie noob. I learned that Glock USA is about an hour and a half away from me, and what I've read - it's a great gun, no matter which model is YOUR preferred model, so I'm thrilled that's what I chose.

Like a girl (and American), I chose the Stars and Stripes version of the Glock 48. In retrospect, I probably should have gone for the black/silver slide one, but I "thought" it would be my only gun purchase, and it called to me. I'm already eyeing a Glock 43 for eventual CC. I can't get that until 2021, because my probate court is currently taking reservations to come in, and their calendar has no availability for the rest of the year and hasn't put up the 2021 calendar yet.

Name is Robin, btw - sorry to be so wordy and so NEW in every way possible! LOL

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