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Google has Chrome which is a pretty slick browser. I use that or Firefox. Not to be a kill joy but if every NRA member banned Google with the billion or so computers they wouldn't even notice. Face it the libtards own the media so you're gonna be mad for a long time. Just send them a nastygram and be done with it.
Have ya ever looked at your Task Manager when ya got Chrome or Firefox runnin? Do ya know what your Task manager is?
I got 46 tasks running in Task Manager, when I'm runnin IE 10. I personally don't like all the flashplayer shit firefox does. It locks me up a lot. Chrome...ain't bad, I've got it loaded as an "alternative". But...I'll stay with IE, thank you very much.
As imperfect as it is.

As for "search engines"....Naw...I'll stay with google. Yes, they are assholes, and Liberal...but what to do?? The world is being overtaken by liberal suck ass's. When the "Liberals" start to understand...they are loosing their personal freedoms...maby then, they will stand up and say "ENOUGH". But...knowin liberals....they will probably stand up and cheer that they have lost their freedom, and the GOVT will now take care of them, and give them free shit for the rest of their lives.

I just don't hate liberals. I hate people who DON'T hate liberals.