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Thread: Studder...Umm....Ummm.....

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    If it is necessary to take the action and shoot. Don't stop until the threat is neutralized. Too many criminals have been put down, but still have recovered enough to kill.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NunquamNonParatus View Post
    "you don't need to shoot someone 6 times to get them to stop

    Cop shoots suspect 5 times with a .357. Suspect survives and shoots the cop dead with a .22WMR. We don't know what the 290lb boy was shot with. A 9mm might not have phased him. He was bigger than the guy in the video above.
    That was my point. The four shots to the arm wasn't going to stop him, probably just pissed him off. Shot placement.
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    Was watching Fox News Friday and an expert(who just happened to be black) was demonstrating on an indoor range with a sig .40cal (the same as Ferguson police use) and he walked toward the target emptying the mag as maybe the cop had done. The reason I bring this up is he said the cops are trained to shoot center mass (the big orange part of the Black target he was using, how appropriate and politically incorrect I might add) and I couldn't help but notice his shots and also I'm sure practice shots where all along the left side of the target as you look at it. That's with no pressure or fear for your life and he hadn't been beaten either.
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    When I went to the academy and all the yearly qualifications afterward, at 3 and 7 yards the course of fire was to fire 6 rounds in a short specified time. It becomes natural like muscle memory to draw and shoot 6 rounds at a close target.

    Why 6 rounds? I have no idea other than there are some older officers that still carry revolvers.
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