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  1. Gear Talk
    Hello I am in the process of researching and shopping for a laser sight, preferably green, and a flashlight for my Glock 22. Main uses would be home defense/training and at the range. I want to be able to use the integral accessory rail. I shy away from the guide rod laser sight. I like my...
  2. Gear Talk
    Hello, I'm Dan. I am an NRA life member and I read Shooting Times, American Rifleman, American Hunter, and America's 1st Freedom magazines as well as a few others. I've been shopping and searching around for a while with no real success so here I am. I am coming to you all to ask you for advice...
  3. Glock Accessories
    I just purchased a G30SF. It's the first Glock I've owned. Couple of questions. 1. When looking at accessories and/or mods, I find plenty for "G30", but not for the SF series. When looking at things like extended slide releases, and things of that nature....will the ones that are applicable...
  4. Glock Accessories
    Crimson Trace InfraRed Laser Sights. This is sweet. Now all I need is about 10K to buy a great night vision set up.
  5. Glock Accessories
    Pretty sweet.
  6. Glock Accessories
    Get'em while you can :)
  7. Glock Accessories
    I got a nice surprise when I got home tonight. The Grip Force Adapter I ordered 3 days ago was in my mailbox. That was a nice surprise but the real nice surprise came when I opened the package and found that I got a free one. I haven't tried it out yet but I did mount them both. I would suggest...
  8. Glock Accessories
    I ordered 5 and plan on ordering more as soon as I get more Mags. The PG-GP are the ones that curve for the pinky and in my opinion look better. with 3 mags when I CCW that give me 6 more rounds. That is a sweet cheap upgrade. Plus Extension for FML 9mm/.40 CAL/.45
1-9 of 9 Results