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    Please Delete Please delete Thread
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    Win a 2 Holster Combo of your choice, an Alien Gear Gunbelt, and an Alien Gear T-Shirt! The winner will be announced on Facebook Monday March 28, 2016. Have a Happy Easter from all of us here at Alien Gear Holsters!
  3. Glock Talk and Discussion
    I just bought a Gen.4 G19 with night sights from with military discount and was so close to buying the G19c but with the new recoil springs the compensated models are being phased out. Either way right off the bat i'm am looking to replace a few key components such as the firing pin...
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    Hello to the forum, I've been hunting and shooting for over 30 of my 45 years and I enjoy shooting for recreation very much. I have recently inherited a very complete reloading outfit with scads of brass and powder and name brand lead for various pistol calibers. Much of it is in .45 and .357...
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    I like articles like this. Way to go Florida
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    Good going Gramps. Landed hits on both of the scumbags Article Link
1-6 of 8 Results