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  1. Glock Troubleshooting and Maintenance
    Hello folks, Ever since I purchased my G30SF (Gen 3), it’s had this issue: it shoots about 2-3” high at 7yds, 5-6" high at 15yds, and worse as you step back to 25yds and beyond. It shoots high the same amount with both the factory barrel and a Lone Wolf barrel. I’m lining the sights up...
  2. Glock Talk and Discussion
    Glock 30 vs Glock 30 Gen 4: If you are among those who believe in investing in a good quality gear and keep yourself updated about the newest trends and equipments coming in the market, the one question that you would like to be answered is whether you should go with the G30sf or Gen 4 G30...
  3. Glock Talk and Discussion
    I picked up my G30 SF (or so I believe it to be) yesterday from a local shop. I have been searching for a G30 for a long time and finally found one but the lady selling it didnt know anything about it and I believe it was mislabeled. They had it listed as a G30 but after searching the internet...
1-3 of 3 Results