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  1. Glock Troubleshooting and Maintenance
    Having issues with my Glock 43 feeding in the first round when I slingshot it into the chamber. If I lock the slide open and then use slide stop to load first round it works fine. Slingshotting it almost seems to get stuck on the bottom of the ramp. If I smack the back of the slide most times it...
  2. New Member Welcome Center
    So I just purchased a glock 43 yesterday, it's the perfect size, perfect weight, and all around awesome, only thing I found not so great is the trigger pull but I will be ordering a custom replacement trigger for a more crisp pull. I'm really wanting some slidework done like cutouts and milling...
  3. Glock Accessories For Sale
    Keepers Concealment Errand Holster with 2 new foam wedges Right Hand Holster - Lightly used (about 2 months worth of carry) Foam wedges - New (I had a few of them and these two were never used) $60 shipped
1-3 of 3 Results