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  1. Glock Talk and Discussion
    I've been thinking about getting me a pistol with the capability of having 17 rounds loaded... I have a Glock 42, and am loving it... I got it for both concealment purposes and for my wife eventually... But... I really want to upgrade... Which one should I get? and which generation?
  2. New Member Introductions
    Hello Everyone. First time gun owner, glock 17 (gen 3) newbie here. I was debating which forum to choose between this and the other .com board, but couldn't choose so I just signed up for both. But from what I read, people here are nicer and less pompous, hence my first post here in either...
  3. Glock Troubleshooting and Maintenance
    Hi, I have a Glock 17 early gen. (no accessory rail) that I bought used about 7 years ago. It has sat for some time in the drawer with 9 rounds in the mag and now when pull the slide back to load it the round gets jammed. (see pic) It didn't do this before and I'm wondering if it is because it...
  4. Glock Accessories
    Hi all, Im a newbie here and im looking for someone in los angeles california thats also a glock enthusiest !! I need to get internal parts for my Glock 17 Althogh im from sydney australia. Please if anyone can help reply or email me at [email protected] Cheers all. Lovin the forum so far...
1-4 of 8 Results