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  1. Glock Firearms for Sale
    $1100: Glock 19 Gen 4 that was sent to SSVi to receive the Glock Premium Package ($695) plus Tyr Trigger ($150). Installed a Wilson Combat silver match barrel ($190). Gun is in great condition and I will include 5 magazines with it. Gun has only 3,000 rds through it and is broken in very well...
  2. Glock Talk and Discussion
    I'm thinking about buying a gen 4 19. The owner hasn't fired it at all(he claims). He said his wife bought it for him but he hates the grip because it's to small, and is wanting to get a gen 4 17. My question is, being that I'm located in Arizona what is it worth? It has all polished internals...
  3. Glock Talk and Discussion
    I've been thinking about getting me a pistol with the capability of having 17 rounds loaded... I have a Glock 42, and am loving it... I got it for both concealment purposes and for my wife eventually... But... I really want to upgrade... Which one should I get? and which generation?
1-3 of 3 Results