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  1. Glock Talk and Discussion
    is this guy a tool or is it just me? he is trash talking a students g23 and showing some sort of FTF or "full auto cycle" stating that Glock mods do this often.? Any input on your mods you have made to counter or support this? Glock 23 Goes Full Auto - YouTube Glock 23 Goes Full Auto - YouTube
  2. New Member Introductions
    If you've always wondered how many posts it will take you to get to the next rank or level, this is the chart. I realize it's not perfect and there are different jumps from one level to another but you get the idea ;)
  3. Glock Talk and Discussion Roughing out the pattern for a strike plate on a Glock. This is just a first step, and it looks like a meat tenderizer at this point. Anyhow it goes on the end of a glock so you can press it against a surface without pusing the slide out of...
  4. Feedback, Comments and Issues
    Welcome to - A Glock Forum dedicated to Glock pistols and Glock firearms. Our goal is to be your number one information resource dedicated entirely to Glock handguns. We also cover a variety of topics related to other guns/firearms, gun ownership, gun care, tactical firearms and...
1-4 of 4 Results