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  1. Glock Talk and Discussion
    Does anyone have a Glock tactical light, model GTL10 or other. I've been looking for one for home defense, and didn't know how a Glock model stacks up to some of the other popular brands out there?
  2. Glock Accessories For Sale
    Thanks for looking, I am trying to find a Surefire rail that mounts on the trigger gaurd. I have an older, never used surefire military light that cannot be mounted on the glock rail itself. Any help on finding this would be great.
  3. Glock Talk and Discussion
    Hello, I just purchased my first Glock, a Glock 19, and am looking for feedback on a laser/light product. I am on Day 2 of my 10 day holding period in California and happened to be in a Big5 Sporting Goods store. I found they were running a sale on a ProTec Elite HP190LS. It was reduced from...
1-3 of 3 Results