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  1. The Ammo Can
    Hello, I just picked up my new 26-G3 today. After getting a holster, glasses and a ear protection. I now begin the search for proper ammo. I have shot rifles, shotguns, and handguns in the past. This is my first mine and only mine gun. I have read and watched every article and video on the...
  2. Glock Talk and Discussion
    Im a first time Glock owner, and I have heard that Glocks are so good they dont need a break in period. Obviously we all need to get used to them and anything that is brand new needs to be broken in some. What are some do/don'ts for breaking in Glock. What ammo do you run? do you even break...
  3. Glock Range Reports
    Hello guys to start off i have never owned a glock, but im falling in love with the glock 19. So my question is this a good gun to use for concealed carry??? If so what would be the best inside the waistband holster? Any help i will take,thank you.:D
  4. Glock Talk and Discussion
    Will glock ever make a compact 45 auto? Don't get me wrong, I love the g21, I had 2 of them(gen 3 and sf), but they need a smaller grip size, like the g38, or even a full-size with a single stack. Sort of like the g36, but bigger. I don't think anybody would care if it only would hold 7-8...
1-4 of 4 Results