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  1. Glock Range Reports
    Bought it Saturday the 1st, shot it Sunday, and here I am. Ammo 200 Rounds of 185gr HPs and had a great time. Function Fed everything very well and recoil was incredibly manageable. 0 problems in 200 rounds Comfort Very pleasing to shoot. I normally shoot 1911s so I get a very high grip. SLIDE...
  2. Glock Range Reports
    I ran a few drills with my G23 today. I threw a few, pretty shameful if you ask me I also took out the... SW99 .40. Sweet shooting as always Sig P229r DAK 9mm Sites are a little off. The black line was my aiming point at 30 feet Springfield XD9c I have not shot this in over 18 months. I...
  3. Glock Range Reports
    Well, I have to say this is "Smashingly Nice Range Darling" (think Mr. Howell). I didn't take the tour to see the tactical ranges but it has a great store front and some nice inside ranges. I liked it so much I paid for a membership. I figure since it's 10 minutes from the house I will...
  4. Glock Range Reports
    Took my G27 to the play ground today. It was smokin' hot too. This was the first round of ammo through it since I got it a few weeks ago. I put 50 9mm through my Sig 229 so the you can imagin the recoil difference from the 27, not bad mind you just a lot more noticeable than my G23 even. Shot...
1-4 of 4 Results