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  1. Glock Talk and Discussion
    Weird I know. I'm attempting to make all the springs in a Glock pistol at home. Could someone please measure their (non flatwire spring) uncompressed recoil spring. If you could please provide: wire diameter, spacing in between turns (offset), and length of the uncompressed spring. Thank you in...
  2. Glock Talk and Discussion
    I was speaking with a FFL about a Glock 23 (.40), during the discussion, he mentioned that both a 9mm and a .45's recoil motion is back towards the shooter, allowing the recoil to be absorbed in the arms, while a .40's recoil is more vertical, causing it to recoil up. His point was that a 2nd...
  3. Glock Talk and Discussion
    We often talk about recoil on the forum but the comments tend to be subjective. (There may be some detailed recoil information in a legacy thread that I don't know about - if so, sorry for posting something that has been covered before.) Anyway, I found this handgun recoil table and thought I'd...
1-3 of 3 Results