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After Market Triggers

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I live in the wonderful Peoples Republic of Mass. We cannot buy Glocks from a FFL manufactured after 1998. So we have to be innovative with our Glocks. I have a G17 gen2 that's in good shape and I use it for IDPA and USPSA I do not use it for carry. There was some damage to the polymer grip near the mag well and I sent it glock for refurbishing and they put a new Gen 3 receiver on the bottom with new factory parts. (Oh happy day) I love the grip much more than the Gen 2 which I had problems with. The problem is they replaced it with factory parts and upgraded the weight on the trigger to 5.5 plus and I do not like the feel and pull of the trigger for competition. I am considering an aftermarket drop in trigger group and I am looking at (vogel trigger). I talked to the owner and I like what I hear.

Any of you guys have any experience with this aftermarket product or others.

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an after market trigger is not going to change the trigger pull, that is done with a connector. a after market trigger will give you a faster reset some have adjustable stops
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an after market trigger is not going to change the trigger pull, that is done with a connector. a after market trigger will give you a faster reset some have adjustable stops
the Vogel comes with a polished 3.5 lb connector, I should have been clear its a complete drop in trigger group not just the trigger and springs
before you drop $175.00-225.00 dollars on a trigger set up just buy a 13.00 connector and 6 lb trigger spring ($3.00) (factory is 5 lb) and see if it works for you. it will give you a better consistent trigger at about 4-4 1/2 lbs
I have been doing some research on this very thing. it looks like most shooters are happy with a polished connector an a 6 lb trigger spring. Charlie Vanek sells highly polished connectors, which is where I am going to buy mine.
How was your g2 set up? Anything beyond the connector? Do you have to use a production legal trigger?
As above from Hairtrigga, Will it need to be production legal? If so the Vanek Classic maybe exactly what you are looking for at $135.00. They still have pre-travel but work great with a super short reset and no over travel. If elimination of pre-travel is what you want you might look at Johnny Glocks triggers. Very little pre and no over travel and much cheaper than the better known suppliers with all safeties working. I was a little skeptical of his products until I tried one, I have had them all at one time or another and his are as good or better than the $250.00 units sold by any of the high end suppliers.
I just installed the Vogel trigger in my 17 this week. Very noticeable difference. Trigger pull was smooth and shorter reset was nice.
I have to agree. Change out your connector and spring and you can save big bucks.
I'm installing this tomorrow. RYG Fulcrum Trigger (approx. $100), has adjustable pre and overtravel, 5lb. striker spring (sometimes hard to find, 4lb. too light for safe carry, comp only, and it's fairly amazing how much difference there is, with no light primer strikes), Ghost 3.5 connector, and a 6lb. trigger spring. The trigger bar, is polished beautifully, even non-contact surfaces. So, is Ghost Connector. So no polishing required on this one. I was very unimpressed with a lone wolf 3.5 connector that I put in a G23. The "polished" surface was extremely "wavy", and I re-polished it correctly, at least in my opinion. I'm hoping to achieve that "close to a 1911 as possible" feel by nearly eliminating pre and over travel, with a crisp "light" break. I expect to get about a 4.5lb, maybe a tad less pull. I've got about 300 rounds of ammo set aside to "prove" the gun, a G19 gen 3. If I can get that through with no malfunctions, light primer strikes, etc., then I'll carry it.

CAVEAT: I am not a certified Glock Armorer, so I don't recommend any of my modifications to anyone.

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