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Blown up schematics of G27

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need to put some springs and a trigger bar in and would like to have a good schematic of the gun, can anyone help me out on that? thanks for any help!!:)
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What springs are you wanting to add/modify/replace?
As far as the trigger bar, its a one piece constructed piece, unless you are specifically going for a separate do it yourself kit.
You can find some good instructional videos within the Glockstore site.
If you have any questions, ask away, Ive been a certified Glock Armorer for over 5 years. - Schematics

Great place to order from as well. Good price, fast and reasonably priced shipping.
thanks for the information, Ive been researching upgrades and mods to my own Glocks, as well the weapons I work on. its always nice to hear honest replies.
That poster would make a nice wall ornament in the man cave. :)
LOL...way cool
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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