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Buffalo Bore 155, XTP in Glock 23

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My EDC is a Glock 23, I bought a box (20 rds) of Buffalo Bore XTP, 155 gr, 1300 fps. Now I am wondering if the recoil from these loads be too much for the G23, will I need a recoil spring change? I have a lot of hard ball for this gun so the XTPs for carry only. But I surely want the G23 to holdup in a long fight if it comes to that.

Glad to be back, Jim
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From the Glock site :

We recommend using ammunition that is manufactured and meets SAAMI or other industry standards, and while some +P ammunition meets these guidelines, +P+ usually does not. This ammunition may generate a higher pressure than standard ammunition, which could shorten the life of the parts of your firearm.
From the Buffalo Bore site :

Heavy .40 Smith & Wesson +P Ammo
155 gr. Jacketed Hollow Point - (1,300 fps/M.E. 582 ft. lbs.)
20 Bullet Box


"This data is intended for use in firearms which fully support the cartridge in the chamber. Use of this data in firearms which do not fully support the cartridge may result in bulged cases, ruptured cases, case head separation, or other conditions which may result in damage to the firearm and/or result in injury or death of the shooter or bystanders."
Glock happens to chamber their 40 S&W pistols without a fully supported chamber and both of those above safety notices are likely aimed at Glock. I know of no other 40 S&W handguns being sold in the US that don't have fully supported chambers. If you really want to shoot our 40S&W ammo in your Glock, have an aftermarket barrel that uses a supported chamber, dropped into it
From SAMMI :

The SAAMI pressure limit for the . 40 S&W is set at 241.32 megapascals (35,001 psi) piezo pressure.
I can not find a chamber pressure for the BB 155

From Buffalo Bore site :
40 S&W OUTDOORSMAN Standard Pressure, Low Flash Ammo
200 gr. Hard Cast Flat Nose @ (1,000 fps)
20 Round Box

962 fps -- Glock model 23, Gen. 2, 4-inch barrel
969 fps -- Glock model 23, Gen. 4, 4-inch barrel
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Thanks, what I have is 1300 fps, no problem I have a Glock 20 and I have the 40 S&W conversion barrel for it, which should be just right. Now I will look for a tamer defense load for the G23
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