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In preperation for the upcoming event this weekend Mentes and me went out to get our hands on the Opsmen Earmor M32 headset.
This as we have been experiencing difficulties in the past with headset from Z-Tactical that just broke down as soon as they smell water and the real steal 3M Peltors/MSA Sordins that have dynamic mics, that sound very faint on the BTECH - BaoFeng we use (this is that dynamic mics only really get supported by mil-spec radios and not consumer grade porto's unless you have an amplified PTT).
For now a small first hand on review on how the headset is and feels, after the game this weekend a more detailed one will follow, maybe with a small video.
At first sight:
- The built and sound quality -
The allround quality looks and sounds good, as soon as you open the box you won't have the feeling you bought some cheap chinese clone.
- The comfort of wearing them -
The headset fits snug around the head, with soft leather like earmuffs.
Pressure on the ears is not annoying, even for me having a head circumference of 63 centimeters.
I wore them during my trip back home (1 hour car drive) and did not get irritated at all (yes even in the car you always have to look tacticool ;) )
- The boom mic -
A nice thing is that the boom mic is placeable on the right side and the left side of the headset, making this ideal for left hand shooters.
- Waterproof -
The headset is IPX-5 rated, so it should survive a light shower.
- The attachement of the boom mic -
On the one I have it feels juuuuust a tiny bit on the loose side, but that might be because I have expected it to be way tougher when comparing this to the real steal headsets I used in the past and the one I still have.
So far this is all I can tell in regards to the headset, will give a more detailed update after this weekends game when we have the ability to put it to the test.
- Falcon out -

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