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Fort Worth Texas here

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I am new to this forum looking for a friendly Glock Forum as opposed to the large one of which I am a member. I was a dedicated 1911 fan until I was won over by the dependibility of Glocks. I have narrowed my Glock collection down to seven in my three favorite CCW calibers, 10mm, 357 auto and 45acp. I have a G29SF, G20SF, G33, G31, G36, G21SF RTF2, and a G17 GEN 4 that is my range gun.
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Welcome, texcowboy!

I lived in Ft. Worth for many years and still visit every so often.

I'll get a 10mm one day, but I do love me some Glock .357 SIG & .45 ACP!
welcome to the forum texcowboy. Sounds like a great collection. I feel puny with my 2 Glocks now. :)
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