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Has anyone had any extended hands on experience with Froglube? What are your thoughts if you have?
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I do not have first hand experience, but based on some reports by buddies still "down range" it does work as advertised. I have done the heat and cure on my M4gery as well as some hand guns, my EDC G19 included. I found in the process of doing the cure, guns I believed to be clean, got even cleaner.

I did my LCP that is always in my pocket since I had been having some rusting issues on the blued slide. so far no rust since the treatment. If I can run my AR somewhat dry and it makes cleaning quick and easy, I am sold.

It would also be nice to just have one product to use and have it be not so caustic.
I don't know about the liquid but the Frog Lube paste is basically a wax. I'm not impressed with it.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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