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I know the Gen4 is not new here but its new to me.

Glock sent me their latest evolution of the G17 (Generation 4) for T&E review.

External differences are apparent in comparison to the previous generations. The new rough textured frame (RTF) and enlarged magazine release are most obvious while the short frame (SF) now offers interchangeable backstraps.

Pistol specs:
Manufacturer: Glock Inc.
Model: G17 Gen4
Caliber: 9x19mm Para
Capacity: 17 + 1 rounds
Weight: 24.9 oz. (w/mag.)
Length: 7.875 in.
Height: 5.4375 in. (w/mag.)
Width: 1.243 in.
Barrel: 4.487 in.
Twist: 9.84 in. RH (mfr)
Rifling: 6 Hexagonal
Trigger pull: 5 lbs. 2.5 oz

reversible magazine release

Rough texture frame

Modular backstraps are easily installed

Another evolution is the dual recoil spring assembly. The two springs are to increase the life span of the assembly while supposedly reducing felt recoil.

Range report:

Velocity results:
Winchester 9mm 115 gr. FMJ…………….1110 fps
Black Hills 9mm 115 gr. JHP EXP…………1206 fps
Double Tap 9mm +P 115 gr. JHP…………1373 fps
Winchester PDX1 9mm +P 124 gr. JHP…..1199 fps

5 round groups were fired from a bench at 25 yards.

Winchester FMJ

Black Hills EXP

Double Tap +P

Winchester PDX1

Note: Targets’ Bullseye – 2″ dia.; outer – 8″ dia.

Admittedly, I am and have been a Glock enthusiast for many years and found nothing wrong with the previous variant. I am accustom to and like the 3rd generation grip but the new rough texture surface has more bite without gouging and the adaptable modular backstrap is an improvement. There are many different hand sizes, so why not offer a multiple sized grip. I preferred the standard (small) grip which is integral to the frame. The medium (M) backstrap will give you the previous G17, 22, 31 generation size grip whereas the large (L) will feel more like a G20 or 21. During the range test my hold was secure and the pistol didn’t shift under recoil. The reversible enlarged mag release is an improvement, it was easily manipulated and mags dropped free. As for the dual recoil spring assembly and the claim of reduced felt recoil, I didn’t bring my 3rd generation G17 to the range for a side-by-side comparison but I couldn’t tell a difference. The new spring assembly appears to be better built and more stout. Through 167 rounds the pistol experience no malfunctions. Good accuracy is what I have come to expect from Glock and this handgun didn’t disappoint. I am very pleased with the evolution of the G17.

for full review -

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nice write-up.

I recently purchased my first gen4 and it looks a lot like that one :)

Your experience was much like mine has been - good grip surface (I prefer the smallest as well), soft shooting (but the gen3's were soft, too), accurate and problem-free.

I replaced the stock sights (as I always do). This time, I popped some Ameriglos (GL-433) on - first time using Ameriglos and I really like them.

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Thanks for the review. I really need to shoot my G17 GEN 4 more.

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Nice review deadduck. Thanks
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