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Have the reliability problems been resolved as of 2014 in New Glock 19 Gen 4s?

  • No, there are still reliability issues with new G19 Gen 4s.

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I am planning on getting my first Glock and have been deciding between the Gen 3 G19 and the Gen 4. I have read a ton of threads about Gen 4 issues, but haven't seen many new ones from 2014 talk about this. My questions are:

1. Have they ironed out all the issues on the Gen 4s? (Any first-hand accounts of recently-purchased new Gen 4s with weak ejection/reliability issues?)

2. Along with the complaints of reliability, I noticed the larger recoil spring has forced Glock to make the circular hole on the front of the slide much smaller. Is this more likely to crack over time and cause issues?

3. What is the threshold for a "good deal" out the door for a NIB Gen 3 G19 and a Gen 4 G19 today? (Houston, Tx if relevant)

4. Which things should I look for when I buy the Glock (which extractor, spring, etc)?

5. Which Glock 19 would you buy?

Thank you for the input!
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