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G23 problems my first glock

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This is a used generation 2 40 cal, Accuracy is good, but about 1 rd a mag, the slide is locked & did not come forward to strip cartridge from the mag, it's a easy fix just pull back the slide & let go it will strip a cart from mag & your good to go. I'm using winchester 180 grn flat point fmj ammo. The previous owner had the recoil rod changed with a steel one other than that it's stock. He never mentioned that he had ever had any probolems, I THOUGHT IT MIGHT BE THE AMMO BUT IT'S NEW WINCHESTER AMMO. My first 40 cal glock, I had always hear how dependable Glocks are, The one thing about glocks is they go bang when you pull the trigger, I'm starting to have doubts on just how dependable they are for protection.
I would appreciate any ideas to solve, my problem.
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Maybe your thumb is riding the slide stop lever? It's happened to me before.
As for target ammo I always use WWB. Every once in a great while I might get somthing you discribe when I get what I think is a light load. As for carry ammo I use Hornady CD. I shoot atleast 2 boxes of these thru my EDC pistol every range trip and with these I have never had that problem. What ammo are you carrying for EDC? Dave
glcok 23

I use Gold Dot HP I have never had a problem with the Gold Dot, that's the reason I thought it was the winchester white box.
glock 23

I use Gold Dot HP I have never had a problem with the Gold Dot, that's the reason I thought it was the winchester white box.
Since the gun is a Gen 2 and at least 15 years old, several things could causing the issue you describe. Magazine springs could be weak, feed lips might be worn. Gen 2 mags were the first to use full metal lined feed lips, yours could be older Gen 1's.Next, the extractor could be worn and should be replaced, recoil spring could be weak. It could also be a grip issue, called "limp wristing" (please don't take offense, that's just what its called).

This occurs when the gun is not gripped properly or firmly enough to allow the slide to fully cycle back and therefore not allow enough time for the round to be ejected. This problem is more common in polymer framed pistols like Glock, M&P's and XD than in heavier steel framed guns.

My suggestion is to take your Glock to a certified Glock Armorer or contact Glock and they will check your gun out for you. Hope this helps.
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The next time you shoot, make an effort to keep your thumb away from the slide stop. If that does not work, change out the slide stop.
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