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Hi all....very curious:confused:. I am about to buy my first Glock..;).....So, here's my question. I have shot a Taurus Judge..Bah. Both my wife and I didn't like it. Anyway, I have shot a high point .45. I own a Taurus 709 slim (9mm). What I want to buy is either a .40, or a .45. So, wondering if I should get either a Gen 3 or Gen 4. The reason of either one is cost factor. In Indianapolis IN, they sell a gen 3 23 for about $490.00. Seems like a good price. Then also somewhat closer, a Gen 3 NIB is going for 540.00., you can see my dilemma. I also have another problem. I am trying to sell some items to raise this amount. I am retired, and am on a fixed income. (sadly). So, any and all, please resond with your opinions. Thanks in advance to all who put their input. ;)
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