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Glock 19 - Malfunction

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Hey all

Has anyone had an issue where the magazine was ejected during firing. A friend of mine was firing (not to rapidly) where (and I am assuming here ) either due to an ejection problem or something else, the mag was forcefully ejected, leaving him with some powder on his hand. The round seemed to go down range. Just never heard of this before.

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Did he press the mag release accidentally?
I asked him, he thinks it was the round (cheap) or a defective mag. I put 50 ends through today with no issues. Just a little "gun shy" ( bad pun I know). I ordered a couple of 17 end (this is the original 10 rnd). Didn't know if it could be the gun itself that caused it. I may never know. Was thinking of going to glock to have them look at it (I'm not to far away). This sucks.
my guess is he hit the mag telease accidentally. the last round will go down range because the gun is made to fire the last round without the mag in the gun. read owners manual under mag disconnect.
The mag release on my Gen4 19 needs to be pushed rather forcibly, but when you do, the magazines are ejected nicely. I do, however, have small hands. If your shooting buddy has larger hands it is possible that he may have hit the mag release. A slight change in his grip might fix that.
My bet would be on the mag release being depressed by your buddy.
Appreciate the feedback. Trying to avoid being scepticle in using the mag or firearm going forward. I will also avoid cheap rounds going forward. Just to be sure.
Well, CHEAP ain't necessarily BAD. WW White Box at WM runs about $25/100...if you can find it. That's cheap, but certainly not "bad". Federal Champion runs 21.95/100. I run it when I can find it...never had a problem.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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