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I have read that the Glock 38 in .45 GAP is built on the same frame as the 19 and the 23 to make it a compact frame size and to fit smaller hands better but still be able to chamber a .45 caliber bullet. The Glock web site shows in their technical specification data that both the 19 and the 38 have the same slide width at 1.18 inches. But when you look at the pictures, they would indicate otherwise. The slide looks to be wider than the frame on the 38 whereas it is the same width as the frame on the 19. It seems to reason with the larger caliber and associated bigger barrel that the slide would have to be wider. I called Glock and they said they have the same dimensions. Personally, I beg to differ but am looking for clarification. Would just got the local gun store and compare but no one seems to carry the 38. They all say they can order one but I am hesitant to do that for a number of reasons. Looking to find if anyone on the forum actually knows the answer to this question. If the frame on a 19 and a 38 exactly the same or are they just similar in that they call them the compact size and are the slides the same width. I am trying to find out for concealed carry reasons. Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.
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