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Unless Glock made an unannounced change, the .45 GAP guns have the wider slides that are on the model 20 & 21. The only difference is that the bottom edge of the GAP slides have a radius to make the transition from a wide slide to a narrower frame less abrupt. As far as I am concerned all of the GAP guns are turds. When the GAP guns were in development, Glock started with the narrow slide of the smaller frame models but changed to the wider slide to manage higher slide velocities. Now that the Gen4 guns are out perhaps it is time to go with a narrower slide.

I just checked the Glock site and it showed the dimensions show the slide being the narrower dimensions. I then checked out a picture of a Gen4 .45 GAP on GB and the slide is without a doubt the wider one with a radius on the bottom edge. The Glock web dimensions are incorrect.
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