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I decided to forgo the 1911 and purchased a Glock.

I really think the Arsenal Second Century 2011 is just cool as Hell. That thing would be a blast to shoot, don't know if i would ever buy one but I would love to shoot it. There is something about 18 rounds of 45 down range in 3 seconds that just makes a guy melt a little.

Found this on the inter web

Wood Tool Office equipment Drill Bumper

Caliber .45 ACP, .38 Super Auto
Capacity 8+8 rounds
Finish Deep Blue or White Ash Nitrite
Grip Wood
Barrel 4.9"
Trigger Double hammer with single spur, double independent or single trigger.
Weight 4 lbs (unloaded) (Holy Utility Belt Batman!)
Width 1.97"
Height 5.7"
Total Length 8.7"
CA/MA Approved No (HA!)
Front Sight Fixed
Rear Sight Adjustable
MSRP (Price) Not yet announced. (This is not surprising)

Thanks to (

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I will have to check that out.
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