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Glock 23, conversion?

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Brand new to Glocks, thought I saw an article, advertisement or something to the affect that a person can convert certain models of Glocks to other calibers.
Specifically interested in converting a 23 (.40) to .357 Sig---can it be done?
I checked the FAQ's, to no avail, unless I'm not phrasing the question correctly.
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Yes you can convert your G23 to .357 or 9mm.

For .357 you will only need a .357 barrel barrel (stock or aftermarket) and you can use same magazines.

For 9mm you would need an actual conversion barrel (LWD and others make them) and G19 mags as well.
Thanks for sharing.I want to know how many bullets can be used at a time in this particular gun.
I'm in Canada so I'm limited to 10 rounds :(

but G23 has 13 rounds mags and G19 has 15 rounders as normal capacity. You can also use G17 and G22 mags, respectively, but they will hang out from the bottom. If you have a conversion barrel you need to use proper mags for that cailiber.
The G23 converted to 357 auto or 9mm will be a much more pleasant gun to shoot in my opinion. I use 40 cal and 357 auto mags in my G31 and G33. I am not a fan of the 40 cal because of the excessive recoil vs the balistics of the round. I am comfortable with my 10mm, 357 auto and 45 acp calibers. I keep a G17 GEN 4 for a range gun and rotate my CCW between the others.

Just my opinion, not trying to start a caliber war.
good to know! would be fun to have a 9mm :)
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