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Looks like I'll be the first poster here. Thanks 4Nines for the invite.

So I picked up a used Glock 34 last week. I've been on the fence with Glocks for a while and somehow, I always find something else that I end up buying. I've always wanted a Glock 34 but could not find any LGS selling them. I finally took the leap and bought one. My purpose for this pistol is primarily for range/competitive shooting, but also as a backup home defense gun. I have a laser/light accessory that fits quite nicely with the long slide.

Moving on to the range report, I took my G34 this weekend and shot around 150 rounds of my ammo stock - 100 rounds of Federal American Eagle 124gr, 50 rounds of RWS 124gr, and about 15 rounds of Federal HST 124gr JHP. All fired without any issues, zero malfunctions. I was a pleasure to shoot and I couldn't be more pleased with the results. Just based on my own personal experience, the G34 shoots as good or better than my Sig P226 Elite at half the cost and half the weight. Yeah, it's not as pleasing to the eyes as my all-stainless P226, but the G34 is tough.

Since I got it used, I don't have an exact number of round count, but I would estimate to be around 400 rounds. I can tell you that the barrel is almost new after 400 rounds. Smiley faces are barely visible and no wear on the slide and rails. It's so unblemished, I think it can pass as "Like New" condition.

Here's a picture for your viewing pleasure:

7 Yards, 5 Rounds, RH

9 Yards, 8 Rounds, RH

20 Yards, 8 Rounds, RH
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