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I went up to the range yesterday. Shooting up a mixed bag of
hardball through my carry gun. 9mm Glock M26 with a competition
Vanek trigger and a Storm Lake Match barrel.
1st round fired fine. Bullseye. Second round misfired and locked up
the gun. Couldn't pull the slide back. Gun was locked up tight.

Removed the slide from the frame. Barrel could not be removed from
the slide.
Drove home with one round fired for the day.
used a brass punch to tap the barrel from the breach end to drive it off
the cartridge case which was still being held by the extractor hook.
Couldn't see any reason why cartridge had stuck in the chamber???

This ammo is " Copper Washed " and has a reddidh tint to the entire
round. The berdan primer is sealed with a reddish looking substance
and the bullet seems to be sealed with the same reddish stuff around the
case mouth. The stuck round had a good dent in the primer but was still
live when I removed it using the punch on the barrel.

I Finally assembled the gun and loaded the "bad" round with a mixed lot
of hardball in a magazine and went back to the range,
The 15 rounds in that magazine M19 magazine) fired
with no failures including the bad round. I reloaded the magazine with another
mixed lot of hardball and it fired and ejected fine until the last round. Then the
failure occurred again. Went home and used the punch again to free the barrel.
Yep, another LVE 9mm 115gr copper washed round.
Ok, my Vanek trigger may
not be hitting these hard berdan primers hard enough for 100% ignition and the
tight chamber on the Storm Lake match barrel may not have the looser tolerances
of a normal factory barrel BUT why is this round sticking so hard when it gets a
firing pin hit and doesnt fire that it takes a punch to push the barrel off the cartridge???

This part I don't understand? I think ?? the tight chamber combined with the
copper wash on the ammo and the firing pin striking the cartridge which is pushing it
tight into the chamber and when the primer doesn't ignite which on this ammo isn't
often but when it does happen the cartridge is jammed and stuck so tight in the chamber
that the gun is completley out if service. Very strange combination of things causing
this failure......
I have to assume that even when the gun "seems to function normally" with this ammo
that there is a more than normal stress on the extractor hook?

Up til now this Glock has been 100% reliable and very accurate.
I am chalking this up to the ammo and won't be shooting that type in this gun anymore.
Has anybody ever heard of this type stoppage with the copper washed ammo?

One more reason to carry a 2nd, back up gun.

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Welcome! Sounds like the ammo. I would try a different brand of good quality target ammo. Then see what happens. This should be your first and most least expensive step.

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sticking so hard when it gets a firing pin hit and doesnt fire that it takes a punch to push the barrel off the cartridge???
sounds like the ammo is getting pushed up into the chamber and not seating against the wall rim. I would discard the ammo and not use it. you chance getting hurt or blowing up the gun. stop mixing ammo, its hard to see what the gun like when you mix ammo in a mag
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