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Glock Blue Label law enforcement models

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What is the difference between a Glock and a law enforcement model Glock?
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I was told when I bought a GEN 4 19 that it was a blue label on the box . set aside for LEO price. I got one for 454.76 out the door.
Did you use the GSSF coupon? That's what i'm looking to do. my only question was what makes the blue label model different, i.e. GEN 4 19 as a Blue model LEO vs one that isn't LEO?
There is no differance in the handgun, only in the pricing for LEO's. With the GEN3 the Blue Label box had an extra magazine, I dont know about the GEN 4s.
Blue Label Glocks are LEO priced guns and come with three magazines.
Gen 4 with 3 mags is soo awesome and saves money buying extras mags .
I just bought a blue label G26 Gen4 and it came with 3 mags. All of my Gen3 blue labels, new and used, have had 3 mags; some with factory night sights, some without.
I bought a Blue Label Gen4 G23 late last year. $384 before I added Night sights, used the GSSF coupon.
A gun dealer at the gun show this weekend had a used 19 gen4 in a blue label box. Two mags, and lots of holster wear. He was asking $500. I smiled and said no thanks.
Just found a blue label Gen 4 G19 for $398.20
I'm still waiting for my 19 to come in , Been 3 weeks now , dealer says glock has them on back order !!! Long wait is crazy !!!
anybody else waiting long for a LEO glock order long ???
If you get it from Glock directly, it's 10-12 weeks right now...I was about to buy something different, but after much searching I found a new blue label Gen 4 G 19 within a 2 hr drive...lots of dealers are out of them right now.
still waiting for mine to n ! Ordered it on FEB 8
hope it gets in soon...worth the wait!!!!!
well its going to be a long wait so they offered a return or exchange on what other leo models they had and I got a GEN4 31 .357SIG
let us know how you like it after you shoot it...I haven't owned a .357 Sig
we have one dealer that frequents the Gun Shows here in RVA that always brings some LEO Glocks at reduced prices. I need to go see him next month. I feel like I am in rehab. I haven't bought a gun in 4 months
Too funny...what is it they say..."there's always room for one more in the safe...and if there's not, it's time for a new safe"
1 - 20 of 37 Posts
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