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Hey yall, thought I'd share a new book I found today at the bookstore called, Glock The Rise of America's Gun by Paul M. Barrett. I was thumbing thru the Glock buyers guide magazine and I happened to look over at the new arrivals and saw this book. I just picked it up so I haven't read it yet but it looks pretty sweet. Chapters are titled, Shootout in Miami, Pistol of the Future, One ugly and all business looking piece of self defense hardware, plastic perfection, hijackers special, super gun, going hollywood, the mark of cain, copy the m f er, massacre in killeen, lawyers guns and money, ka boom, pocket rockets, my way, glock culture, glock goes to the white house, an assassins attack, monopoly money, the impact of the Austrian pistol good for America?, and an epilogue.
I will give a short review and my thoughts when I finish! Hopefully you guys get a chance to check it out, should be a good read.
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GLOCK author weighs in

Thanks for bringing my new book to the attention of this forum. If I can answer questions or provide info, I'd be pleased to do so.

All best,
Paul Barrett
Author, GLOCK: The Rise of America's Gun
It was a very good book. I'd recommend it to anyone. I really enjoyed it, its definitely worth your time to check it out. It kept me entertained throughout and was a very good read.
Thanks for making yourself available Paul, I hope the word can get out. A must read for Glock and gun lovers alike.
I am going to look for it.
Great book...reading it now...
I still need to get a copy. Need to check amazon
I won mine on a gun blog...good stuff, I highly recommend it...
I won mine on a gun blog...good stuff, I highly recommend it...
I've seen it's been making the lame stream media news quite often this month. From what I understand that actually gave it a fair shake.
Ive never heard of it. Have to keep an eye out for it
Good reading...I don't recommend a lot of books
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