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I gave my Gen5 to my niece and haven't replaced it yet. I see the concern re: the marks on the rounds, that doesn't look good. However, I'm not sure that is the cause of the jams. Looking at the picture, it looks like the round failed to move up the face of the slide, behind the extractor.

The portion you are measuring's job is to strip the round out of the magazine. As the round enters the barrel and the barrel begins to tilt back up - the back of round has to slide up the face of the slide and behind the extractor. The extractor is pushed outwards as this happens. If something inhibits the movement of the extractor or prevents the rim of the casing from getting behind it, the gun will jam.

With a new Glock, this could simply being the fit of the parts is tight and the finish needs to wear a little bit. Typically, this goes away somewhere around 200/250 rounds. If you have put more than that through the gun, it's likely something other than just needing a bit of wear. Carbon buildup behind the extractor can cause the issue. It should be taken apart and inspected. I'm assuming you haven't changed any parts related to the extractor/depressor plunger or bearing.

Jamming aside, I would email Glock support with your photos and see what they say about the height difference. [email protected] What's actually causing the jam may not matter if they have to replace the slide.
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