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Glock gen 4

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Hy guys,Im new on this forum!!But I see that there is a lot of colleges as I call us "Glock maniacs"!!

I want to ask for your opinions about the new gen4.,i own one and Im werysatesfied with how its working,Iw fired a 300 start shoots from it and there wasnt notest any kind of MELFUNCTIONS!!I happely wait for your opinions and expirions with the same model of the Glock!!

( my english writing is a litlle stufy,because Im from serbia,thanks for understending!!)
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if theres not any issues then dont worry to much about it, sounds like yours is good to go...
The late model GEN 4s should be giving no problems, as some changes were made from erlier model GEN 4s. I have a GEN 4 G17 that has given no problems what so ever.
Both of my gen4s run perfect.
Most of the early Gen 4 problems were related to the recoil springs. Glock has fixed this issue. If you do have a Gen 4 with the problem spring, contact Glock and they will send you another one.
Good to go, I'd say...
agree with glockanista. You can call Glock and give them your serial number and they can tell you if it was in a batch that had a bad spring. If so they will send you a replacement free of charge
That's the great thing about Glock...the CS has always been great to me...they've replaced parts for me as well...
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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