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Glock nPVD finish and the G48

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I’m relatively new to this forum but not new to the shooting sports. I am especially fond of Glocks and place a high value on their reliability and ease of maintenance. Most of my Glocks are Gen 3. Several years ago I purchased a new, first gen G48 with the new at the time nPVD silver finish. This pistol lives its life in my desk drawer at home. As best I can tell, Glock only used this finish for a year or so and then went back to their black finish. I’ve read a few comments that the silver nPVD finish did not wear well, but nothing more than that. I would appreciate some input, both pro and con, on the durability of this finish, please.
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To my knowledge, it’s not that it’s wearing off as much as the silver shows marks that you wouldn’t see on a black slide. The 19x also has nPVD and I know guys who are tough on guns that are very pleased with how their 19x finish has held up.

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