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I am semi-retired at 74 years old and I am trying to learn about GLock Pistols, I am taking a self passed and self taught Armorers course. I needed help. Having problems with some quiz questions. Thanks for your help.

Glock Pistols – Personal Note # 19. On the Glock Pistol what tool is used to get the magazine catch spring out of the frame? My answer would be ”d".
a) An acetylene torch
b) A hammer
c) A dental pick
d) Needle nose pliers

Glock Pistols – Personal Note # 20. On the Glock Pistol, the angle of the cam on the connector is what accounts for the weight of the trigger pull when the trigger bar hits it. When the angle of the cam is steeper, the weights of the trigger pull – My answer would be “a”.
a) increases
b) decreases

Glock Pistols – Personal Note # 21. On the Glock Pistol, if the case of a cartridge is actually getting cut during a three point bind type of jam, what can be done to alleviate this problem? My answer would be “c”.
a) Increase the angle of the barrel's feed ramp by stoning
b) Use a lighter recoil spring
c) Break the sharp edge of the transition of the barrel to the feed ramp by polishing
d) TIG weld a new radius at the end of the feed ramp

Glock Pistols – Personal Note #24. On the Glock Pistol, when reassembling the slide, what two parts must be depressed in order to put the slide cover plate back in place? My answer would be “g”.
a) The spacer sleeve
b) The recoil spring
c) The firing pin
d) Extractor tensioning assembly (Spring-loaded bearing, extractor depressor spring and plunger)
e) a and b
f) c and d
g) a and d
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