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Glock23 Range Report

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Haven't shot anthing in over 15 years so I feel good about my results.

Font Circle Auto part Science Astronomical object

At 25 yards

Automotive tire Font Circle Astronomical object Automotive wheel system

At 15 yards

Rim Automotive wheel system Auto part Wheel Font

Also at 15 yards
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This is probably not related but I didn't see where to post it on the forum here?

I went through my first 200 rds and as suggested by the salesperson I'm going to clean it before I use it again. Actually what she said was that I didn't need to clean it before firing my first 200 rds.

Just bought ammo for my next goround. First 200 rds were PCM 165 gr and noticed that the ammo I just bought at Sports Academy is by Federal and it's 180 gr. Now I know there's not a problem with that but I just want to know what to expect, will it be louder? more recoil? or not noticeable at all?

Good shooting! That'll get the job done in .40 S&W :)

You probably won't notice much of a difference, but the heavier/slower round might have a bit less felt recoil.

Have you chosen your SD/carry round yet?

Speer Gold.Dot 155gr HP
I love Gold Dots.
Congested on your 23. I just bought a gen4 23. 400 rounds so far, no failures using 180 HST. Sound is dependant on velocity, so heavier bullets tend to be less loud, though you may or may not notice the difference. The heavier 180 does have less percieved recoil. HST, Gold Dot, Win. Talons are all good defensive choices.
Ron, you didnt say if your G23 was GEN 3 or GEN 4, I was just wondering as the GEN 4's dual recoil spring is supposed to dampen the 40's recoil.
I've had 3 of those...all great shooters...Congrats...!
Good shooting. By the looks of the targets the perp would not have been taken to the ER so that is always good
Sorry Tex I just now saw your reply... it's a Gen4
Great deal on it to.
Co-worker told me about a Gun Shop that is authorized to sale the
Glock 23, same weapon most LEO's carry and for the same price they
pay. Ended up getting this Glock for $400 I thought it was too good a
deal to pass up.

Zombie, Amen brother lol
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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