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good evening from tennessee

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just bought my first glock yesterday, till then Id been an avid ruger fan, after more than one issue at the range, I decided Id try what most had been telling me, "get a glock", well I did, I went today and had the most accurate day Id ever had, very tight groupings at 8, 12, and even 20 ft !!! I ran every type of ammo I had through the gun and it ate up everything with zero problems, now I need to find a fix for the RTF grip ..... my hand is shredded :cool:
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Welcome, stevolene!

Glock 9mms are among the best ever. What did you get? G26? G19? G17? G34? G17L?
Welcome aboard !!!
Welcome to the Glock family !
Welcome to the party pal.
welcome stevolene, that is the nice thing about Glocks they are out of the box smooth, light and accurate
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