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Hi y'all :)

Just found this forum and since I'm the proud owner of a Glock 21 SF I thought I'd better register asap :D

I live in Antwerp, Flanders, Belgium, Western-Europe and we have awfully strict firearm laws overhere,,,

Got the love for firearms and knives from my father who's a former Red Beret.

I (sometimes) carry a Glock 19 at work. I work armed and unarmed security.

I just put in a permit request for a Glock 19, so that I can practice some more with what I carry on the job.

Also have a H&K USP 9x19mm and a S&W Mod 41 .22LR

Nothing much compared to what most gun enthusiasts in your neck of the woods probably have, but you have no idea how much red tape, practical and theoretical exams you have to pass in order to get a firearm permit overhere,,, California is gun owner heaven compared to where I live 'nuff said :cool:

Looking forward to reading and contributing what I can to this forum,,,
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