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Hello from Iowa

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Hey guys,
I'm a new member from Iowa and I currently own a Glock 27 after trading in my Glock 22. I enjoy shooting occasionaly and I am looking to shoot more. I figured it would be beneficial for me to join this sight and learn more about the shooting sports. I am an avid bow hunter and enjoy fishing too. I played golf in college and recently graduated looking to get into the law enforcement field.
I am currently working as a security officer in the Des Moines area and I am going to get trained within the next couple weeks to carry a Glock 19 at work. Can't wait!
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I usually live in Des Moines as well, but I am on a government paid vacation to Fort Benning, Georgia right now.
Welcome Pete, glad you joined in.
Welcome. Just jopined myself. Lots of kin in Ia on wife's side. Glad they finally believe in the 2nd amendment. Can carry legally there now.
welcome...good to have you!
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