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Hello, New Glock Owner

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I am new handgun owner. I've never needed a handgun however I decided to buy one recently because I wanted to learn how to shoot. I had some rules before buying a gun, First the gun needed to be compact, reliable, easy to maintain and take large caliber ammo.

After reading reviews I went out to my local gun shop after getting my FOID card. I tried a few handguns and I settled on a Glock 30. I ended up shooting a 100 rounds at the range today. No issues to report so far.

I'm able to get all 10 rounds into the magazine using the loader. No miss fires. I able to group the shots pretty well from 21 feet but I'm not consistent. With a little more practice I know that will change.

The only think I would like to get are night sights and some extra magazines. Other then that the Glock meets all my requirements and I'm looking forward to getting any tips and advice from this forum.

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Welcome, halo4u!

Sounds like you did it right. G30 is a great choice!

I put some yellow/green Meps on mine and bought a couple of G21 mags for spares.

Have you chosen an SD/carry ammo yet?
No I have thought about carry ammo yet. I'm just using the gun for target practice at the moment. If I were to buy any self-defense ammo I may buy the Federal Premium Hydra-Shok.
You might want to look into some of the more modern loads like the Speer Gold Dot or Winchester Ranger or Federal HST. Those seem to have better performance.

Check out Best Choices for Self Defense Ammo for more info.
OK I'll check it out ..thanks
Welcome...great gun
Welcome, the 45acp is a proven caliber.
Welcome...big bullet....big hole....big problem for recipient.
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