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When I was in my twenties, I was anti-gun, even though my father was an armorer in the US Army. I believed that if you kept out of trouble & out of bad neighborhoods, you didn't need a gun.

Then one person changed my mind: Charles Manson.

I got to love the Walther PP series when my dad was in the U.S. Army & came home with a Walther PP .380. I subsequently bought a blued PPK/S, & later, a PPK (which I sold very quickly thereafter!). Somewhere around 1980, I gravitated to a stainless steel PPK/S from Interarms.

I've owned a variety of revolvers & pistols, but have settled on the stainless Walther PPK/s, a 1911 Dan Wesson CBOB, & a couple 1911 Colts, which I use in IPSC/USPSA shooting, where I am a Range Officer.

I've effectively concealed-carried both the 1911s & the Walther. However, recently I've been thinking that the Walther is not really a good defensive handgun & ammo combination.

So, I looked around for something compact in 9mm, & in July 2022 I added a Glock G43X Gen 5.
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