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Who likes Gen 3 better than Gen 4 models?

Just received my new G19, Gen 4

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It's the first Glock I've owned and the first "nine". I'm a reformed (well, not
completely "reconstructed") 1911 fan...just took time for an old fart like me
to finally give up on the government's decision to go away from the .45 - getting
mellow in my old age.

Anyway, I've been following the various discussions about the recoil springs
on the Model 19. And since my gun was in a new round of deliveries, I thought
I'd mention the numbers on my recoil springs. Now they say: 0 - 4 and a 2
at the bottom. I know some folks are following this but I have absolutely no
idea what the numbers mean. Just looks like Glock's continuing pursuit to get
the recoil spring problem solved for the Model 19, Gen 4.

And, "no" I haven't had a chance to take it to the range yet. But I have been
stocking up on various 9mm ammo to try out. I have to admit, once I do get
it to the range, I'm gona have to be careful a new love affair isn't started!
There.... how's that for a 1911 fan? :eek:
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Yes, be careful.I have the gen 4 26 anfd gen 4 17.Looks like i'm gonna have to go Goldilocks too.
This is terrible to say but I have several higher end hand guns ($1k - $1.5k) and my G23 shoots better than any of them. I have been a fan since they came in the lunch pail box. The more you shoot it the more you will love it.
I've owned gen 2, 3 and 4 Glocks, and like gen4 the most no doubt! Grip feels better and mag release button alone is a good improvement.
I just bought my first Glock. It is a model 17. How do I know which generation it is?
you should be able to tell by the Recoil Spring. A 1 piece is a <=gen3 a 2 piece is a gen4
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